Sewage Treatment of Wastewater

Saxlund’s flat-bottom silo was originally developed for the bioenergy sector and its wood fuels, but there was promptly a demand from other industries dealing with sticky solid materials. The solution is perfect for sludge handling and especially for sewage sludge cake.

Bulk Materials Handling

All our silo systems are generally required to deliver to, convey from and meter the material with high accuracy in a particular process. To this end, Saxlund has developed a range of special equipment for the handling of sticky sludge materials. These include Screw Conveyors, both Ribbon and Shafted types, Chain Conveyors and Pumps.

The equipment in combination with our control systems, enables us to offer the sewage treatment industry complete systems. Typical sludge handling systems include truck reception and loading. Systems for spreading lime on the sludge are available on request. The possibility to weigh the material is available on request.

Projects in Sludge Handling

Farnham STW
Silo with Saxlund’s Sliding Frame

The Thames Water Trident alliance chose Saxlund to deliver this prestigious and unusual limed sludge cake handling system at their Farnham site.

Simsholmen – Jönköping
Truck Loading

Saxlund delivered two silos with Sliding Frame discharge to Jönköping. The discharge is via a Sliding Frame to Saxlund’s Screw Conveyor and further down to the truck. The output rate is 80 m3/h.

Limed Sewage Sludge Cake and Truck Reception

At Budds Farm Center, the dewatered sewage sludge cake is stored in Saxlund’s sludge silos. Before the sludge is stored in the silo, it is stabilized by the addition of lime. After the discharge, the sludge is further processed at adjacent plants.