The Oslofjord Convention Center in Stokke Municipality is building 1600 new hotel rooms, as well as a large sports facility during the period 2013-2020. The sports facility will consist of a multi-use hall of 10,000 m2, a full-scale ice hockey hall and a swimming pool. Furthermore, the existing conference buildings will be expanded significantly. After the construction is completed, the entire Oslofjord Convention Center facility will be 160,000 m2 in size.

The builder is Oslofjord Property AS, and the tenant is Oslofjord Convention Center AS. ILC Construction AS is the general contractor for the project, which has a contract value of over 2 billion NOK.
As a subcontractor of ILC Construction AS, Saxlund will supply a new biomass heating plant providing environmentally-friendly heat for all the premises in the area. The contract was signed in December 2016 with a contract value of approximately NOK 35M.

The biomass heating plant is operated with wood chips and bio oil. This type of facility proved to be the best alternative as the energy price turned out to be the lowest, and the environmental impact almost non-existent.
We chose Saxlund as supplier after a comprehensive evaluation based on price and quality, says Kjetil Risa, Head of Technology and Board Member of ILC Construction AS.
Saxlund also has a good reputation for being a serious company with extensive experience of this type of combustion plant, Kjetil adds.

We are still in the design phase and the construction of the plant is scheduled for this summer. We are keeping to the schedule and Saxlund have continuously responded to requests during the planning stage.