Converting from fossil fuels to bioenergy will save both money and the environment

Saxlund and Hotab have several customers in the industrial sector who need steam and heat for their processes and/or heating of their facilities.

Producing steam and heat from bioenergy instead of fossil fuels is both more cost-effective and a way to reduce the environmental impact.

Knowledge will underpin the conversion to bioenergy, and the conversion needs to be supported at different levels of the company.

Being highly experienced in the field of bioenergy solutions, we can offer everything from preliminary studies to complete deliveries with extensive functional responsibility. By having partners at all levels, we ensure fuel supply as well as financing solutions – if required.

For industrial customers, we offer a range of technical solutions and bespoke plants within any type of contract. Both for steam and hot water.

As the owner or operator of one of our facilities, you have full access to our service and support organisation.

Time to invest in bioenergy or streamlining
and modernizing your facility?

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Jonas Tarstad
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