The Saxlund Group today includes Hotab, a company that develops and supplies complete biofuel-fired combustion plants. Plants converting biofuels into energy must meet stringent technical, environmental and financial requirements. We have extensive knowledge in the field of bioenergy and hold a number of systems design patents.

  • We produce and supply everything from bulk materials handling to combustion, boiler and flue gas cleaning.
  • Our facilities have a capacity of 0.5 to 30 MW.
  • Pellets, chips (dry and moist), forest and sawmill residues are used as fuels.


For us, the tougher environmental requirements are a challenge we welcome and we are proud to put them first and foremost in our product development. We have patented technology that ensures low emissions, and the fact that our plants meet the applicable emission standards is a given.

Said about us

– Neova heating plant in Bjuv

“For our district heating network in Bjuv, we invested in a 3 MW wood chip-fired heating plant with a flue gas condenser in a container from Saxlund and Save Energy. For Neova, as a bioenergy company, it is important to invest in plants that are environmentally friendly and cost-effective, which is why we chose this particular solution. In addition, Saxlund offered a competitive price and the possibility of having the plant delivered in a short period of time.

We already have a number of facilities from Saxlund, and find that our joint projects are always on schedule and deliveries are made as promised. When we encounter complications in the projects, Saxlund is also very good at finding solutions.”

Anders Lantz, Head of Heating, Neova AB

Surplus Heating
– fixed or transportable heating plants
(0,5 – 3 MW)

Surplus heating is, for example, when an industrial plant sells its surplus heat to nearby properties. Saxlund supplies smaller heating plants for the effects of 0.5 – 3MW for moisture levels between 6-45 % for wood chips and pellets.

One of our most successful products is Hotab’s transportable plants. The plants are manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art workshop with the latest technology, and the customer can choose the type of façade they want. We can, in principle, connect any number of sections We usually build up to 2.5 MW per section.

We provide reliable and stable heat production with proven technical solutions. We can help you with long-term and environmentally friendly solutions.


In 2015, Hotab delivered this transportable heat plant of the Certus brand to Olofströms Kraft AB. The plant is powered by pellets and has a boiler effect of 3 MW.

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Surplus heating and portable power stations 0,5 – 3 MW

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