Combustion Plants

Saxlund is an experienced supplier of fuel handling systems and combustion plants. Saxlund and Hotab are well known for their robust combustion plants with the highest availability. We have been delivering problem-free plants for the incineration of wood chips, wood residues and forest waste, such as bark, to factories that manufacture boards or pellets for decades. The heat generated is used for dryers and hot oil press machines.

Wood Chips and Sawdust Handling

Sliding Frames and Bar Feeders for silos
Saxlund’s technology for flat-bottom silos has been supplied to the industry since the 1960s. Our reference list is long and we have delivered to factories worldwide.
We have extensive experience of many materials, from wet, stringy bark to dry sander dust and recycled wood.
As the industry has grown and environmental considerations have become more important, larger raw material stores have become necessary and often large silos or rectangular bunkers are needed with reclaimers. To this end, Saxlund International has a license agreement for the TubeFeeder ®.

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Surplus heating plants 300 kW-3 MW

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