Technical Solutions for Clean Air, Clean Energy and Clean Water

Saxlund is an environmental technology group that develops, manufactures, and services plants and equipment for the production of environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient energy.

The plants converting biofuels into energy meet stringent technical, environmental and economic requirements. Saxlund has extensive expertise within the field of bioenergy, and holds several design patents.

The group consists of Saxlund International AB and Hotab, and their collaboration includes biomass-fired heat and CHP plants, pelleting plants, bulk material handling systems for biofuels, sludge and other recycling industries, as well as flue gas condensation and cleaning.

The group’s customers operate within electricity, heat and power production, wood and forest industries, water and waste management, in addition to process, recycling and mining industries, as well as some other industries.

Saxlund broadens its product portfolio through acquisition of Hotab

Through the acquisition of Hotab, Saxlund can now exclusively offer comprehensive solutions ranging from the development and production of equipment, including fuel handling, combustion and flue gas cleaning to a nation-wide service organization which aims to be on site with the customer within an hour.

Business Policy

We provide our customers with bioenergy plants, bulk material handling systems, air purification, and related products and solutions. In addition, we also offer service and after-sales market.


We want to be an industry leader known for creating customer satisfaction and offering high quality services.

Our customers can expect us to:

  • Deliver sustainable solutions and products.
  • Delivery on time and in accordance with the contract.
  • Have a wide range of products and services in our area.
  • Collaborate with selected, competent suppliers and partners.
  • Have a high level of expertise in our area.
  • Engage and motivate our staff to meet the customers’ wishes, needs and expectations.

Each employee commits to:

  • Fulfilling customer requirements and other applicable requirements.
  • Continuously improving operations and increasing the quality of our products and services.

The Environment

We actively work to prevent negative environmental impact by:

  • Reducing our customers’ energy consumption through our products and solutions.
  • Reducing emissions from our customers’ combustion plants through our products and solutions.
  • Training and motivating employees to carry out their work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Prioritizing environmentally certified suppliers and partners whenever possible.
  • Taking environmental considerations into account for transports.

Each employee commits to:

  • Complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Continuously improving the environmental management system and achieving better environmental performance on our products and services.